Recycling and Waste Management
Program Analysis

Reporting, Data Capture, and Analysis Tools and Services
for Reducing Costs and Maximizing Performance

Rate Reviews

Are your recycling and waste management service rates accurate and competitive? A true rate review rate-reviews-and-analysisincludes detailed analysis of each rate component as well as a comparative analysis. Our services include a top-to-bottom review of your service rates, development of appropriate adjustment methodologies, and contract negotiation services.

Performance and Productivity Measurement

Knowing what data to capture and analyze is the key performance-and-productivity-measurementto building an effective performance measurement system for your programs and operations. MDM Analytics creates cost-effective tools, systems, and procedures to enable your organization to control costs and meet your goals.

Cost-Effect Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting for cities, counties, haulers, and facility operators can be costly and require considerable staff resources. Collection reports, allocation reports, and recycling and disposal reports are an integral part of daily operations.
Electronic-reporting-for-recycling-and-waste-management-programsOur FacilityStats program provides a convenient and comprehensive solution. Refuse collectors and recyclers can easily submit monthly or quarterly reports to a single agency or to all jurisdictions where they have accounts.  All users have access to a variety of report generators and data analysis tools. Visit for more information.

Facility Data Management and Reporting

MDM Analytics specializes in providing complete data management solutions and compliance reporting systems for recycling and waste reporting-systems-for recycling-and waste-managment-facilitiesmanagement facilities, including origin verification and allocation methodologies, customer reports, state and local government reports, and inventory tracking and mass balance analysis. MDM Analytics offers facility operators a cost-effective outsourcing solution.

Mobile Data Access

If your data is stationary and your staff is mobile, you are at a disadvantage. MDM Analytics provides solutions for capturing data at remote facilities and then merging it with one of our hosted systems or your internal IT mobile-data-accesssystems. We also provide options for accessing critical reports and information while you or your staff are out of the office, at a meeting or conference, or, if you must, on vacation. Mobile data access also provides regional managers and corporate staff with a convenient tool for staying on top of the stats from their facilities and operations.

Market Surveys and Rate Comparisons

What is the cost of single family service in adjoining cities? How many cities in the state have open market or non-exclusive collection systems? Who is providing food waste recycling, and how much does it cost?
MDM Analytics maintains data on the programs, costs, and service systems in many jurisdictions. Specialized market surveys can be conducted on request.