Barcode Solutions for Inventory Management

Complete labeling, coding, and tracking systems for local, distributed, and mobile inventory management

A Customized Approach

An effective inventory management system must be both reliable and flexible. MDM Analytics designs, implements, and hosts solutions customized to your needs - whether they be simple, single-site installations, or complex systems tracking assets in multiple locations. We provide systems that can reside on your smart phone or tablet, a single desktop workstation, or your internal network. For maximum accessibility, we host systems on our server that can be accessed via our software or standard Web browsers.

Barcodes - Creating and Printing

Proper identification of your assets is the starting point for effective inventory management. barcode-printing-and-scanningIf your products, desks, tables, wine bottles, etc. don't have individual barcodes, we provide a variety of options - including pre-printed barcode labels on rolls and PC-based software for printing barcodes from your desktop.

Our integrated inventory systems include the option custom-barcode-printingof printing customized barcodes from within the program on either your office printers or a specialized barcode printer.


Coding and Tracking

A barcode is just a string or characters until you give it meaning. All of our solutions include simple, intuitive forms for entering product or asset information and associating it with your barcodes. Customized drop-down lists and user-friendly menus speed data entry and minimize errors.

Mobile Scanning and Data Access

Our personal and business lives are increasingly mobile, and the systems we use for tracking our assets and personal property must be as well. mobile-barcode-scanning-and-data-captureAll of our solutions include options for mobile access and updating of your inventory using the latest hardware and software. The mobile devices can operate independently or as an integral part of a desktop or server-based system.

Barcode Scanning and Data Syncing

iPod-or-iPhone-with-barcode-scannerEffective solutions require a variety of hardware options. MDM Analytics designs systems for all iOS devices as well as small "smart" scanners that can be used in single-scan or batch mode.

We provide integrated mobile-desktop-server solutions based on both MAC and PC platforms for cross-compatibility. Web-based solutions incorporate responsive design, thereby enabling data access, entry, and editing on all devices and platforms.

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