Data Services for the Recycling and Waste Management Industry

Customized Solutions for Capturing, Analyzing, and Using Your Data

Meeting the demands of both customers and regulatory agencies often requires reports that cannot be easily provided by your corporate or agency information systems. MDM Analytics leverages data from your existing systems and can also create new data-capture methods to enable your organization to satisfy those challenges.

Whether the requirement is for new organics programs, expanded recycling services, or measuring the GHG emission savings from your programs, MDM Analytics designs, implements, and hosts systems for tracking and reporting your progress.


Meeting Challenges With Creative Solutions

Collectors and Recyclers

Extending the Features of Your Collection Software

The cities and counties where you have accounts often require regular collection and recycling reports. While the information needed is likely captured in your collection software—such as TRUX, Tower, or Soft-Pak—it is often not easily summarized or presented in a format that meets these requirements. Our solutions can work with Excel or csv files exported from your software—or if data portals or APIs are available, establish a link to move data directly into a customized reporting systen.
  • Compliance Reports
  • City/County Reports
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Mobile Data Access
  • Customer Portals
  • Report Distribution
Cities and Counties

Tools for Effective Program Management

Knowing what was collected, where it was processed, and how much was recovered is key to achieving the goals of your recycling and waste management programs. Our reporting systems enable you to automatically receive detailed collection and recycling reports from your haulers, create summaries for distribution to elected officials, and provide feedback to local residents and businesses.
Recovery Rate
Monitor the monthly and annual recovery rates by program and hauler. Use this information to track hauler compliance with contract requirements and to measure your agency's progress toward meeting local or state recycling targets.
MTCO2e Saved
Automatically calculate the greenhouse gas emission reductions from your recycling and composting programs using U.S. EPA or other emission factors.
Reportng Entities

Compliance Simplified

Because you operate in a regulation-driven industry, finding effective and efficient compliance strategies for meeting new requirements is essential to controlling costs and maintaining the productivity of your organization. We offer our clients a variety of methods to achieve these objectives.
  • Fully-managed cloud-based systems
  • Customized in-house systems
  • Mobile apps for tablet and phone
  • Barcode and scanning solutions

Examples of Our Solutions

Hauler Reporting

Since 2012, cities have been using FacilityStats to receive monthly electronic reports from their haulers and recyclers. This system solves the different-report-for-every-city problem by enabling haulers to use standardized online forms to report their monthly collection, recycling, and disposal activity to the cities where they have accounts and franchises. The system also allows cities and counties to specify unique reporting requirements, such as reporting service statistics, uploading of documents, and submittal of vehicle lists. FacilityStats also automatically calculates franchise fees due based on parameters set by a city or county, and provides users with an extensive menu of report generators and data analytics.
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SB1383 Compliance for California Cities and Counties

Jurisictions in the state must comply with a broad set of regulations designed to reduce the disposal of organic wastes. A major component of these regulations is the need to maintain all program data, reports, and documents in an easily accessible implementation record. 1383-STATS is our cloud-based platform that functions as a jurisdiction's implementation record, providing an easy-to-use system for organzing, uploading, and retrieving data files, copies of ordinances, agreements, invoices, and photographs. To prepare their annual reports to the state, users have a one-button option for summarizing all required program data into a single report that can be printed or exported.
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HHW Data Management and Reporting

San Mateo County, California has been using our custom-designed system for the past five years to manage its household hazardous waste management program. The system includes an online event calendar and appointment system for residents and small-quantity generators, automatic text and email appointment confirmations and reminders, a mobile app for check-in and data recording at collection events and door-to-door pickups, and a mobile app for manifesting outbound shipments.
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Electronic Waste Recycling

We designed and continue to host a system for a client with a multi-site electronic waste recycling operation. Our system enables the creation of pricing contracts, bills of lading, load sheets, settlement statements, and invoices. A range of management reports is also included.
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